Welcome To All Creators.

Culturebase is a decentralized app platform built for independent creators to thrive in our local creative economies.

Our platform respects your privacy. Here: only you own your data.

Our Creative Ecosystem

Culturebase allows independent creators to focus on: 1. Creating and 2. Growing.

Culturebase is a blockchain-based local network built for independent creators to exchange goods and services, explore city resources and happenings, and collaborate with other creators in the city.

What is a Culturebase?

A Culturebase is any space that functions as an intersection & platform for culture, commerce, creativity and collaboration.

Our Pillars

Healthy Community

Creators deserve a network focused on helping you navigate your career and city as a creator.

Equal Resource Access

The resources exist in our cities. But everyone does not have access or awareness.

Respect For Your Value

Your Security. Your Data. Your Privacy. Your Choices. Your Value. are Yours. We respect You.

Digital Clarity

We offer a clear focus on helping creators grow our careers. We eliminate the noise many other platforms are cluttered with.

One-Stop Home for Creators

Share local culture and grow your creative career. Creators already account for over 55 million people and $1.4 Trillion in the U.S. economy alone. Despite these facts, over 90% of creators and freelancers struggle to sustain a living by pursuing their independent craft.