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Culturebase Certifications verify that a business/organization is dedicated to your community's creators and entrepreneurs success. When verified, we provide your local space with a certificate that the owner(s) of said business or entity may display at their business or entity. Additionally, verified spaces will receive a badge on our platform.

Culturebase Certification Standards

1. Adheres to city codes for community engagement.

2. Complies with local business safety codes.

3. Business promotes creative economy by hosting its own programming for creators, free agent employees, and entrepreneurs.  

4. Creators and Entrepreneurs can meet here to do business safely and exchange products/services during hours of your choice.

5. Creators can apply to do their own programming within your spaces, so that more people have access to exercise their event ideas in your city.

6. Space hosts open hours for creators to work at a reduced rental rate or no cost at all.

You must meet the first two Culturebase Certification Standards(CCS) as well as at least two of the remaining CCS's to be considered for a Culturebase Certification. If you do, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!