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Pre-Phase: Prepare for Launch.

  1. Grow online community.
  2. Grow our platform Testing and Focus Group Pools
  3. Finish iOS and Android app

Phase 1: Creator Ecosystem for Connecting, Collaborating and Engaging your city.

  1. Launch.
  2. Integrate Offline Mode.
  3. Integrate with blockchain technology.
  4. Onboard creators and local businesses via Culturebase certificates
  5. Build stronger relationships with cities and larger city organizations

Phase 2: Fluid ecosystem of Creators- Local Consumers.

  1. Market to and Onboard Locals looking for creators to make them the things they are looking for
  2. Grow Opportunity base and Expand Ecosystem of Culturebases

Phase 3: Grow Complete P2P creative economy, including Travelers

  1. Market to and Onboard Tourists

Phase 4: Enable Creators to become Stakeholders in their community and in our Platform

  1. Enable creators and active users to vote on where Culturebase profit goes in their communities
  2. Reward creators with value for great works, works used by Culturebase and for active use of our platform
  3. Offer investors & most active users stake in our platform

Our History

• January 2014

Started C.O.R.E. Culture Group, a real-world platform for creators in Atlanta, GA, to empower creators to commune, collaborate and grow ideas + careers.

• January 2015

Culturebase Idea born to make succeeding as a independent creator easier for people worldwide by building a digital ecosystem.

• January 2016

Completed initial wireframes. Began developing with an outsourced team.

• August 2016

Realized that developing with an outsourced team probably would not work and began recruiting for internal team members.

• Sept. – Dec. 2016

Did more research and onboarded advisors: Armir Mehmeti (Shofur), Ryan Wilson (The Gathering Spot), Lakeysha Hallmon (The Village ATL), Bem Joiner (Center for Civic Innovation), Carolyn Pitt (former Alston & Byrd)

• February 2017

Invited Co-founder, Sam King, to team as Chief Technical Officer

• April 2017

Began re-coding the app with formerly outsourced code.

• Jun. – Sept. 2017

Testing re-code with users.

• December 2017

New iOS Alpha completed and testing began.

• January 2018

Decided we would integrate with blockchain technology.

• March 2018

Began recruiting for more core team members to fulfill blockchain technology, launch and scale our platform.