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Meet Our Team

Teamwork at Culturebase means sharpening one another, exploring possibilities, playing hard and overcoming challenges together.
We open our doors for you to join us if you share passion in making the strongest ecosystem for creators.


Davion Ziere

Founder/Chief Culture Officer,
Languages: English & Spanish

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Sam King

Co-Founder/Chief Tech Officer,
Languages: English & Chinese

WHY Culturebase?

Sustaining and succeeding as an independent creator is difficult. We know because each of us are creators here at Culturebase. We empathize with the plight of becoming a successful creator. So, we asked ourselves: “How can we make it easier for creators everywhere to sustain and succeed doing what we love for a living?” When asking this question, we learned that there are hundreds of millions of people worldwide who face similar challenges, and we are driven to deliver a practical answer: a healthy digital ecosystem that empowers creators and entrepreneurs to thrive more simply in their cities.